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    • Create and Connect with Better Tools
    Create and Connect with Better Tools

    When we began this course, this was just a single page with a few of the best tools we knew and used in our own practice. Of course, when you gather the best and brightest minds together, a whole lot of interesting stuff falls out the cracks, so we've had to expand it into it's own section on the website.

    The idea remains the same: you will only find the most useful, paradigm-shifting tools and resources here that we know of. This is not meant as a comprehensive and never-ending list of every tool available: it is a highly curated collection of things that have genuinely changed our day-to-day lives as developers, designers, product managers, and dreamers.



    A bespoke set of Notion pages that will help you get to know your cohort and navigate all the different facets of the next 8 weeks. Find people to team up with, learn more about the structure and get access to yet more tools.

    *Only visible to those in the Kernel.


    Our communal fireplace. This is a space for reflective and meditative conversations and connections - not instant gratification. Here we build better conversations which will evolve into Web 3.

    Brand Guide

    If you need any high fidelity copies of our logo or branding, feel free to grab it from here and share it widely.

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