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    • Music
    • No More Audiences
    • Climate
    • DAOs
    • General Comparisons

    Sarah Zucker

    An unmissable Kernel presentation from Sarah Zucker the day before her Sotheby's release. Catch her Block IV fireside follow up here.

    Rhea Myers

    One of the first people in the world to begin thinking about art and crypto, way back in the distant past of 2012. Her blog is full of hidden gems.


    Another wonderful blog, full of great ideas and insights.

    H/T Yulia Babanova


    Market Update

    Recent research in one convenient deck.

    No More Audiences

    Open The Metaverse

    6529 tweeting some deep truths.

    The Future of Fandom

    An incredible deck from Zoe. H/T to Adrian le Bas for sharing it.

    Culture as an Asset Class

    The giga-thread from Ben Roy.


    KlimaDAO on Bankless

    A wonderful conversation about global coordination.

    Astral Labs

    Many Kernel fellows are deeply concerned about the climate. Our work began in earnest with Astral Labs and continues in many different avenues.


    DAOHaus 2021 Course

    A most complete and in-depth 4 lessons to get you totally up to speed with everything DAO-related.


    A helpful dashboard of everything going on in the world of DAOs.

    General Comparisons

    One Spreadsheet to Rule Them All

    Taken from this awesome list.

    One Spreadsheet to Find Them

    Taken from this awesome list.

    a16z to Bring Them All

    H/T to Matt Stephenson

    Zero Knowledge Tools & Resources
    Community Reads