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    • Zero-knowledge

    Socrates was famously declared the wisest man in the world by the oracle at Delphi, which caused him endless problems. Lesson: oracles have always been an issue - there is nothing new under the sun. Being a proto-Bitcoiner, he didn't take the oracle's word but set out to verify this for himself, consistently saying that the only reason it could be true was that everyone else proclaimed to some knowledge, while he at least knew that he knew nothing. Please find all the nothings we know below.


    A toolbox for zkSNARKs on Ethereum.

    H/T Luka

    Matter Labs

    This is the "zkSNARKs bible".

    H/T Luka

    The Best Overview

    The most straightforward explanation, with examples, that we know.

    H/T Roshan Raghupathy

    An appetite for more

    If, instead of Ancient Greeks, you prefer culinary analogies, please enjoy this list put together by Bianca Trovó.

    Starter: Simply Explained

    Simply Explained is a great YouTube channel in general. Great for whetting the appetite.

    First Course: AZTEC

    AZTEC Protocol’s paper by Zachary J. Williamson is very clear and especially relevant here.

    Second Course: PLONK

    Enjoy two for the price of one with the PLONK paper by the AZTEC team and Vitalik’s comments.

    Desert: ZeroKnowledge FM

    Anna Rose's podcast collects presentations on zero knowledge topics from different teams and should serve as a sweet ending to all this research.

    Security Best Practices