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    • ⚙️ Using Kernel
    ⚙️ Using Kernel

    In your personal creative journey we want to meet you where you are. You can trust us to provide you with the resources to understand new technologies, connect you with other fellows, mentors or investors and to provide you with a path to walk towards a more creative and connected life.

    We'll provide all the dots for you and introduce you to a unique set of principled peers who can help you join them up in ways we could never imagine. Kernel is intentionally designed as a serendipitous digital space.


    Learning takes two forms: this website and conversations (which we call juntos).

    The Learn Track features 8 weeks of crafted and curated content from all across the internet, meant to make the patterns beneath a better web more clear. These 8 weeks will not just help you understand what cryptocurrencies and blockchains are, and why they matter for our shared futures, but aim to serve as a broader lense through which to consider what it really means to live in a connected and global world and how we can come to better care for one another.

    You will find out more about Juntos if you are accepted into the next block.


    Creating isn't and shouldn't only be limited to coding. Creating includes you trying to raise funding, or trying to write your thesis, or making a new podcast, or conducting research on any one of the new fields opened up by distributed networks of value. This is really about anything you create - even creating a community!

    The most critical aspect of this part of the experience is your adventure. Every Kernel fellow is expected to commit to going on some kind of adventure over the course of their 8 weeks. It really can be anything creative, we don't impose any limits at all, other than commitment itself, which is the fuel needed for any meaningfully creative action.

    Your pod is where you find your people. During and right after the kickoff event, and aside from other "main" channels on Slack, we'll invite you to a channel with a peculiar name (e.g., Rakuyou) with about 6-8 other people. The only expectation associated with any pod is to get to know each other and have fun.

    A track is a package of focused content and sessions around one of the themes: Gaming, Security, Token Communities, DeFi, and Art & Culture. The idea is to teach practical skills through demonstration and active use with peers. Each track has a track leader, who is a specialist in that arena well-respected by the wider web3 community and capable of organising the best speakers and shared activities for these more focussed sessions.

    The Total Picture

    This is the skeleton of Kernel. However, it is the people who are it's flesh and blood and beating heart. We offer just enough structural support to keep the ship charting a rough course for serendip, but it's up to you and your fellows to define the total experience of each unique block.

    Kernel is an experiment in living within a self-sustained internet community, and we are pioneers building a new way of living, day by digital day.

    Organic Growth

    There are many other parts of our shared work which keep evolving with each new block:


    We place extraordinary importance on conversation in Kernel, and have been lucky enough to have a great diversity of fellows join us, contributing deep, indigenous knowledge to our understanding of dialogue and consensus.


    We welcome thoughtful writing from any Kernel fellow and will display it on our community blog if you send it our way. Anything from poems to in-depth analysis of the latest protocols, to community memes can find a home here.


    Given the great diversity of the fellowship, we have also collected rich, useful and succinct lists of tools that Kernel fellows actually use on a day-to-day basis to help you get started in the latest and greatest places in Web 3.


    We encourage contributions. Learn how to write for Kernel, translate our pages, or host conversations here. You can also see into the guts of how we have engineered things if you're thinking about building your own community.


    These are infinite searches through the Library of Babel meant to test your knowledge of the Learn Track content. You can earn unique NFTs for solving them.

    Principled People
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