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Oral Testimony

You were born into beauty, as beauty, for harmoniously balanced life. That is the truth.

The Greater Conversation of All Time

My gift to the world is describing the way back home; describing the journey back into a way of being human here that understands that I am part of a whole tapestry of life that is ever running.

This place of understanding is not a perfect place: there are potholes there. Perhaps it was never perfect. That's why my clan grandfather used to say, "Here we are, holy Earth surface walkers, dazzled by creation and coming upon temptation." We are being called to come to terms with the truth of ourselves, the purity of ourselves, the honour of this body, the innocence of of our love and eventually to become the one who sends out that song of understanding.

So I say, "OK". I will live into this heart that You gave to me. It is a medicine unlike any other.

The Great Law of Peace

This section provides a small experience of a recitation of the Great Law of Peace, in order to frame our return to indigenous, sustainable protocols for peace, based on a more accurate understanding of our shared, human history. If you still have it, you can find more recordings on Katsitenserio's Facebook page.

Relevant History and Anthropology

Akala's address at the Oxford Union and David Gareber and David Wengrow's discussion at the University of Amsterdam both provide important intellectual background for those less able to follow what is being transmitted in the oral testimony above.