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    If "What is value?" was the ultimate question, then this is the holy grail. We'll use the same pattern of thought we've been building up to try and get a foothold...

    First, we must understand what learning is not. It is not the acquisition of knowledge - that is properly called wisdom. It is not the ability to memorize content and pass an assessment - that is called regurgitation and has the same relationship to real learning as that between how birds feed their young and the moment they are ejected from the nest and must either fly or die.

    Learning how to learn is more like a process. But it is a process with very specific characteristics. It requires a sincere desire to know; a determination to develop the discipline required to practice what you know every day; a passion that will not let you stop until you know; and a heart clear enough to know its own intention for pursuing knowledge at all.

    Q: Learning is not the acquisition of knowledge. It is a process powered by what four characteristics?

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    A: A sincere desire to know; a disciplined determination to practice; passion; a clear heart.

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    Unless you're burning to find the answer, and unless you're willing to give up everything in the pursuit of that answer, you will never truly learn it. Learning how to learn is not something you can learn about. You just have to let it happen by being constantly aware. When that which illumines the unutterable question you are shines through, you must follow its trail without hesitation.

    The secret fire at the core of your being might have nothing to do with building a better web: you must still be honest enough to follow it. Ultimately, learning how to learn is a discipline built on a deep trust in what we could call the underlying pattern. You have to trust that you will come to know what you need to know when you need to know it. This creates the necessary neurological conditions for useful knowledge to take root.

    Q: Truly learning how to learn is not just an intellectual process. We have to let it happen by cultivating what?

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    A: Constant awareness.

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    The rest is practice. Practice, practice, practice - until you realise that there is no difference between practice and perfection. That what you most wanted to know was here all along, right with you - closer than your jugular vein - and all that work and struggle and acquisition and desire and practice and letting go was just to bring you back into this moment, right now.

    There is nothing else to learn about. Nothing more to know.

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