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    Tools aren't only about practical ways of doing things - they can also be guides on how to think about a project; how to frame certain issues; how to optimise processes; how other people have solved their own problems and what they learnt as a result of their efforts. Here we present the resources our community has consistently turned to in their endeavour to understand what it really means to build a better web and how we can share that meaning with those who matter most to us.

    The Short Overview

    A succinct and insightful list of resources, in chronological order

    The Token Economy

    One of the OG resources, begun before 2015.

    H/T EF Research Team

    Token Economics Resource List

    Literally everything you could ever want to know about tokens, and probably lots you don't.


    Beginning with Jarrod Dicker is as good a place as anywhere to orient yourself in the mirror.

    The Other Internet

    A fascinating collaboration between many big minds. Begin with Squad Wealth. Complement with:

    Web3 Fundamentals

    A really fantastic course provided for free by some friends of ours.

    H/T John

    Bitcoin Information

    Jameson Lopp's Bitcoin Resource lists.

    WEF Toolkit

    The ultimate corporate toolkit. Very serious ;)

    H/T Gyan


    A book that maps the history and evolution of cryptocurrencies, written by a Kernel fellow.

    H/T David Stancel

    Job Resources

    A great free guide with lots of juicy details.

    H/T Jo-Ann Hamilton

    All Messenger Protocols In One Place

    An awesome spreadsheet for anyone working on messaging.

    H/T Dhruv Malik


    Table of contents