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    • Kernel Principles
        • ⌛️ Web 3 Principles
        • 🌈 Personal Principles
      • Giving First
      • Kernel Fellows
    Kernel Principles¶

    ⌛️ Web 3 Principles¶

    1. The bedrock of all transactions is trust.
    2. Shared truths create value.
    3. Learn the limits. Then you're free.
    4. Money means speech.
    5. Incentives inform everything.
    6. Liberate radical institutions.
    7. Resist censorship economically.
    8. Scale ability.

    🌈 Personal Principles¶

    1. Play with pattern.
    2. Develop the means to mean.
    3. Ask better questions.
    4. Consider your intention first.
    5. Listen to and tell better stories.
    6. Individuals govern well together.
    7. Learn how to love learning.
    8. Giving is sacred.
    Giving First¶

    We are here to serve each other, because we are each others' environment. Genuine service also takes us towards the goal of any way to meaningful self knowledge, which is the realisation that there is, in truth, no otherness.

    We also have a common, external purpose: to serve the continued creation of free money. In this context, Kernel is a gift. It literally began that way: Vivek set out to give back to a community which had given him a livelihood the kind of experience he had found so meaningful in his formative years. Andy set out to give Vivek the kind of educational model which would allow him to do so. And each block is carefully and intentionally crafted with all sorts of gifted people, each unique, though we all carry the desire to share our gifts with the world around us. It is the still-beating heart of an old way of being which we are slowly bringing into the digital world.

    We learn from each other, and we give of ourselves until self and other lose the sense of separation which so often rules our interactions. And in this is a truth which cannot be given or received, it can only be grown in your own heart as you come to trust in the inalienable value of who you already are.

    Kernel Fellows¶

    A Kernel Fellow is technically competent, generous with time, available to share ideas with talented peers, and acts with intention. Currently, there are:

    🍀 800 Fellows
    🍀 100+ Companies
    🍀 40M+ Raised

    You can meet them all by following the link below: