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The KERNEL Learning Modules

✨ Transformation, not information

The core learning objectives (CLOs) of the KERNEL Learn Track are defined broadly, because building a better web requires more than technical knowledge.

Our syllabus aims to build long-term thinking skills, provide context and technical history, and introduce you to the patterns and modes required to flourish in decentralized, open communities like Web 3.

The other, more specific tracks are designed to teach practical skills that builders like you need for your projects. The Learn Track aims to provide a more holistic framing of what Web 3 is — its principles, history, and present state.

The glue which binds all the tracks together is the people in your cohort. By connecting you with the best minds we know to teach you practical thinking skills, combined with effective patterns for using innovative tools and creating decentralized solutions, we aim to help you become one of the people building a new way of living, day by digital day.

We know that different people learn differently, hence the mix of text, video and audio. The "Crafted Reading" section in each week is compulsory - you will need to have read it to participate fully in this week's activities. The "Curated Material" is highly recommended if you are the sort of person who feels like they might want to add value to any of the spontaneous conversations which no doubt will spring up in the course of the work.

📖 Learning Modules

Title Personal Lesson Web 3 Lesson
🌠 Introduction to KERNEL The Play of Pattern Trust
🌍 Ethereum's History and State Meaning Value
💰 A Global Financial System Better Questions Money and Speech
🌐 Take Back The Web Intention Freedom
ℹī¸ Internet Age Institutions Governance Liberal Radicalism
📈 Tokens and Mechanism Design Listening and Stories Incentives
⚖ī¸ Scaling Principled Games Learn How To Learn Censorship Resistance
🎁 The Gift Giving Scale-ability

🧐 KERNEL Principles

⌛ī¸ Web 3 Principles

  1. The bedrock of all transactions is trust.
  2. Shared truths create value.
  3. Learn the limits. Then you're free.
  4. Money means speech.
  5. Incentives inform everything.
  6. Liberate radical institutions.
  7. Resist censorship economically.
  8. Scale ability.

⚙ī¸ Personal Principles

  1. Play with pattern.
  2. Develop the means to mean.
  3. Ask better questions.
  4. Consider your intention first.
  5. Listen to and tell better stories.
  6. Sovereign individuals govern well together.
  7. Learn how to learn more effectively.
  8. Giving is sacred.