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🌠 Module 0 - an introduction to Kernel

Kernel is an 8 week program, and we'll be covering a new learning module each week. Each module is made up of two sections: Crafted Reading, which we will expect you to have read before the beginning of each new week; and Curated Material which is made up of articles, videos, and the occasional podcast that we highly recommend you go over before the Fireside Chat each week.

The Learn Track aims to provide a more holistic framing of what Web 3 is — its principles, history, and present state. We know that different people learn differently, hence the mix of text, video and audio. The "Crafted Reading" section in each week is compulsory - you will need to have read it to participate fully in this week's activities. The "Curated Material" is highly recommended if you are the sort of person who feels like they might want to add value to any of the spontaneous conversations which no doubt will spring up in the course of the work.

Cultured Conversation

Meaningful conversation can only take place in a culture of respect and courtesy, between people who are capable of seeing their highest ideals in others and who can recognise and reflect the essential sameness which lies at the heart of each and every human being. We tend to only engage in conversations which we think we can "take something away from", be it new knowledge, an altered perspective, or an inside story we can leverage for our own gain.

However, Kernel conversations are about humility, presence and a genuine attentiveness towards others, not because you stand to benefit from them, but because cultivating these three capacities within yourself is its own reward, which may allow you to see clearly the complete and perfect sacred core of every person you encounter.

What’s perfectly whole seems flawed,
but you can use it forever.
What’s perfectly full seems empty,
but you can’t use it up.

True straightness looks crooked.
Great skill looks clumsy.
Real eloquence seems to stammer.

To be comfortable in the cold, keep moving;
to be comfortable in the heat, hold still;
to be comfortable in the world, stay calm and clear.