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🌍 Ethereum's History and State

In Module 0, we introduced KERNEL and gave you an outline of what this course is aimed at teaching you. We discussed the overall framework for thinking we will develop throughout the 7 remaining weeks and conveniently labelled it "quantum thought". This is the ability to identify patterns both within and out there in the world; to understand the interplay of complementary opposites - 0 and 1 - which is the foundation of all pattern; to see more clearly the infinite spectrum of probabilities between the opposites without any irritable, egotistic grasping after certainty; and to develop the sort of humility required to navigate this complex modern world.

We then grounded this abstract framework through the example of trust. It is only when we can define in executable language all of the ways in which it is possible to cheat that we can truly develop "trustless" protocols which, in turn, allow us to explore new kinds of interpersonal, trust-full spaces between the actual people on either end of any given transaction. It is always both-and, then beyond.

This led us into a wider exploration of conversation, purpose and intention. We time travelled back to 1879 with Vincent Van Gogh - who painted turbulent flow more then a century before mathematicians could even begin to grasp it - and then even further, to a lived experience with the First People and Paul Myburgh which allowed us to explore the ancient foundations of listening and being.

Week 1

This week, we'll keep it a little more to-the-point in our curated materials, and explore some of the deeper aspects of Value and Meaning in our Crafted Reading. Please enjoy.

We know that different people learn differently. Therefore, we provide a curated list of reading and/or videos, depending on your tastes. The "Crafted Reading" section in each week is compulsory - you will need to have read it to participate fully in the Juntos and Fireside Chat this week. The "Curated Material" is highly recommended if you are the sort of person who feels like they might want to add value to any of the spontaneous conversations which no doubt will spring up in the course of the week.

Fireside with Vinay Gupta