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🖌️ Transform the internet

This short video essay starts off our curated materials because we need to shift the hour long norm we've been setting. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the change of pace.

How does this fit into Kernel?

Art is that which gets us to question value and meaning most deeply. This video - itself a series of artful expressions cut together with digital tools - describes a number of interesting pieces which would not be possible without the internet. It reveals what we can craft with careful intention, attention, and a deep appreciation for the meaning of our media environments.


Art begins with work which throws a veil over the invisible so its outline may be seen. It is brought to completion in the moment of encounter with an other. That is, art is not created as you are painting, or writing, or composing, or sculpting, or coding. It occurs when your work brings someone else to experience a state of consciousness they would not have otherwise known.

At its best, art transmits what cannot be said, or sung, or heard, or felt.

We have to use some technology to achieve this. It was, for instance, the invention of metal ferrules - the little bit that connects the bristles to the shaft - which led to the flat paint brushes so beloved by Impressionist painters, who used them to capture the effects of light in different environments. Technological innovations in the tools we use to express ourselves often result in significant artistic advances in sight, perception, philosophy and - ultimately - culture.

We invite you to question what new realities flat networks for value - which operate by means of a world wide web that enables light-speed communication - will allow us to envision.