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The KERNEL Gaming Guild

💡 Week 0 - Brainstorm

Week 0 Syllabus

In Week 0 of the KERNEL Genesis Block, the participants of the Gaming Guild started mapping out topics that we'll both learn and build on during the 8 week program. This is a draft syllabus based on the brainstorm.

We envision this being a participatory community where different guild members sign up to learn about and then present on topics that interest them. Below is the format of what you need to do when you sign up for a topic:


  1. Spend time learning about your topic.
  2. Document things to share with the group. This can be as simple as putting links and a few sentences describing the links in a google doc.
  3. 3-5 days before our meeting send to the group your documentation (optional for the group to read) and 15 minutes of media to prepare them for your discussion. For example:
    • A medium post
    • A video
    • A game to play
  4. Be prepared to give a short presentation on the topic or lead a participatory activity.
    • E.g Power Point
    • E.g Brainstorm
  5. Be prepared with questions to lead a discussion.

Week 1 - Project Pitches

The first week of the guild had the members pitch their projects and work on their Substack Newsletters. These can be found in the ⚾ Curveball Section

Week 2 - Game Design and Player Motivation

H/T Paul Gadi

Crafted Reading

Curated Material

H/T Leon Prouger

Crafted Reading

Curated Material

Week 4 - Bringing Free-to-Play Players to Blockchain Games

H/T Wade Kimbrough

Crafted Reading

Week 5 - NFTs for Humanitarian Outcomes and Community Inclusion Currencies

H/T Wade Kimbrough

Crafted Reading

Week 6 - Avoiding Gas Fees via Sidechains

Topic Backlog

The Technology

  • NFTs, ERC-1155s
  • State Machines
  • Dynamic NFTs
  • Re-Fungible Tokens

Moving Beyond NFTs

  • What other affordances does blockchain bring games?
  • What kinds of mechanics can we only do on blockchain?
  • Crypto-economic primitives (e.g. refungible tokens)
  • New Monetization Models

Learning Games

  • Through play users learn about blockchain
  • Through play users learn about smart contracts

Network Effect and Games

  • How To Bring in new players
  • How To Bring in new developers
  • How to build more prosocial web3 games