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Smart Contracts

The point of this course is very specifically NOT to overwhelm you with links we know you're more than capable of finding and using on your own. The truth is that there are a great many tools out there, each of which makes different trade-offs and will be better or worse depending on your needs and context. This is what mentors are for: we recommend you spend more time picking their brains than scrolling through endless Awesome lists of half-maintained, experimental tools. That said, here are some really great educational resources:

Beginner - getting started

It can be difficult to know exactly where to get started in such a new field, with so many resources scattered around the web. We'll do our best to try and suggest a coherent path through all the different docs and tools that will move you from zero to hero over the course of the next few weeks.

Less reading, more watching

If reading through docs doesn't really work for you, here are two great intor-level youtube channels to help get you up to speed with the best practices for writing smart contracts.

Intermediate - ready to play

Now that you have some familiarity with what smart contracts are and how to begin writing them, here are two amazing tutorials/tools/playgrounds which can take your skills to the next level.

The best lists

Now that you have a good sense of not just how to write smart contracts, but some of the ways in which they can be attacked along with the best patterns for safe coding, you can find your own way through these lists of further resources given your own specific needs.

Advanced - tender patterns

More cryptic than crypto?


We're extremely lucky to have our friends Andrej and Bogdan at Tenderly offering all Kernel members a free pro membership to what we believe is the slickest Web 3 developer tooling in the industry. Please check the video of their session below to get a sense for everything this can do and then ping them to get access. It'll make writing, debugging, stack tracing, and really developing the guts of your contracts significantly easier.

Of course, no smart contract resources list would be complete without a recording of Austin Griffith breaking something in a live demo: