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🌱 Welcome To Kernel

A kernel is the essence of a seed. In computers, a kernel is the core of the operating system — that which holds control over everything in the system.

Ultimately, Kernel is a community dedicated to the journey towards a better understanding of truth: in our Web 3 projects, in our relationships with others, and in our inner worlds.

Our syllabus aims to build long-term thinking skills, provide context and technical history, and introduce you to the patterns and modes required to flourish in decentralized, open communities like Web 3.

This website hosts the Core Syllabus. It is free and open source and always will be. You can go through it whenever you like, with whomever you like, at whatever pace you like: you do not need any further permission. However, we learn best together, especially in a couse like this which is fundamentally about asking better questions, rather than parroting back superficial answers.

The Kernel Fellowship is an 8 week program we run ~3 times a year, which introduces 200 new Fellows to the Kernel, a peer-to-peer community focused on building lifelong relationships and long-term projects utilizing Web 3.

The glue which binds all the tracks together is the people in each cohort. By connecting you with the best minds we know to teach you practical thinking skills, combined with effective patterns for using innovative tools and creating decentralized solutions, we aim to help you become one of the people building a new way of living, day by digital day. Apply for the next block below:

🧐 Kernel Principles

Kernel Fellows

A Kernel Fellow is technically competent, generous with time, available to share ideas with talented peers, and acts with intention. Currently, there are:

🍀 600 Fellows
🍀 100+ Companies
🍀 20M+ Raised

You can meet them all by following the link below: