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⚙️ Using Kernel

The heart of this website is the Learn Track. It features 8 weeks of crafted and curated content from all across the internet, meant to make the patterns beneath a better web more clear. These 8 weeks will not just help you understand what cryptocurrencies and blockchains are, and why they matter for our shared futures, but aim to serve as a broader lense through which to consider what it really means to live in a connected and global world and how we can come to better care for one another.

If you join one of our 8 week Kernel blocks, we run a Build Track - and various other block-specific tracks - which provide the practical skills to complement the knowledge offered in the Learn Track. These skills are taught through demonstration and active use with peers. That said, you can also find content for the Gaming Track, with more specific tracks like Security, DeFi and Fairlaunch to come as and when we need and build them (which always happens together).

There are many other parts of our shared work which keep evolving with each new block:

  1. We place extraordinary importance on conversation in Kernel, and have been lucky enough to have a great diversity of fellows join us, contributing deep, indigenous knowledge to our understanding of dialogue and consensus.
  2. Kernel koans are infinite searches through the Library of Babel meant to test your knowledge of the Learn Track content. You can earn unique NFTs for solving them.
  3. Given the great diversity of the fellowship, we have also collected rich, useful and succinct lists of tools that Kernel fellows actually use on a day-to-day basis to help you get started in the latest and greatest places in Web 3.

✨ Transformation, not information

Kernel is not about overwhelming you with information. It is about slowly building, through repeated interactions with peers, the patterns (both internal and external) required for a better web. These patterns include humble decisiveness, careful insight, compassionate critique, rational reciprocity and many other complementary opposites which take into account the full spectrum of human awareness.

Take your time to go through each module. Stop what you're doing, breathe, set aside an hour to focus, and return again tomorrow or next week when you have enough space to do the same. For the first time in history, the tools we use to write history are fundamentally shared and rooted in consensus. This is a time to pause, reflect and turn attention to the kinds of incentives which will cultivate our ability to live together, each and every one of us.