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📖 Learn Track Structure

The Eightfold Noble Path

Title Personal Lesson Web 3 Lesson
🌠 Introduction to Kernel The Play of Pattern Trust
🌍 Ethereum's History and State Meaning Value
💰 A Global Financial System Better Questions Money and Speech
🌐 Take Back The Web Intention Freedom
ℹī¸ Internet Age Institutions Governance Liberal Radicalism
📈 Tokens and Mechanism Design Listening and Stories Incentives
⚖ī¸ Scaling Principled Games Learn How To Learn Censorship Resistance
🎁 The Gift Giving Scale-ability

Internal Setup

  1. Crafted Reading is made up of 2 separate lessons: a "personal" lesson designed to teach you one of the principles we believe are important for your own navigation of this new and wild web; and a "web 3" lesson which is more technical and goes to the heart of critical concepts which we often don't reflect upon enough, like "Trust", "Value" and "Freedom".
  2. The Crafted Reading is specifically not long and hopefully not boring. It should take you a maximum of 5 minutes to read each piece, so we only expect 10 minutes of reading before the beginning of each week. The ideas each piece presents are not "the truth" - they are intended to get you thinking so that you can come to your own unique conclusions about a wide range of critical topics.
  3. Curated Material is specifically not a long list of links no-one will ever have the time truly to reflect upon.
  4. We have picked 3-4 pieces for each week, in different formats (video, text, audio), and we have written detailed briefs for each piece. This is because we don't want to flood you with information; we want to teach you how to find the best information and then genuinely use it to transform your own skills, understanding and general approach to thinking about and building decentralized systems and tools. We highly recommend that you at least familiarise yourself with each brief.


  1. Weeks begin on Tuesdays, because part of what we're doing here is breaking down our conditioned, culturally-acquired ways of thinking. What is more conditioning than the days of the week? Free yourself from Julian hegemony! 😉
  2. Our Fireside Chat, which is when we'll bring in esteemed speakers from across the industry and introduce you to the most experienced and brilliant minds we know, will generally occur each Thursday.
  3. Fireside chats revolve specifically around the theme for that week. They will be fairly structured, and broadcast live on YouTube for you to watch, with a live chat to ask questions if there is time.
  4. As you'll see in this module, conversations are critical to Kernel and the framework for learning which we're presenting here. Throughout the course of each week, we will also have a number of smaller conversations on a variety of themes. These conversations are hosted between you and other members of your cohort, because we learn best from our own peers.