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Curated Material - Patterns and Trust

Two Millon Years in Two Hours: A Conversation With Yuval Noah Harari

An illuminating podcast by the Center of Humane Technology, a discussion between Tristan Harris and Yuval Noah Harari that will give us not just a broader look into the patterns of human history, but also a deeper understanding of the attention economy.

Deconstructor of Fun

Breaking down what the most successful games are and what makes them tick. A good overview on how game designers create games to find success in the app stores.

Virtual Economies: Design and Analysis

A must-read for anyone creating games, as economies and user interactions are what form the basis of trust. More relevant than ever before, especially for Web 3 game developers.

A Game Designer's Analysis of QAnon

A game designer analyzes how playing with pattern recognition can lead to disjointed realities.

A Theory of Everything

A fun talk by philosopher-comic Emily Levine to help us think in complementary opposites. She enjoins us to think like tricksters as the trickster has the ability to hold his ideas lightly so that he can let room in for new ideas or to see the contradictions or the hidden problems with his ideas.