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🌌 Of Mirrorworlds and Metaverses

Call It Mirrorworld

The vision of a unified virtual world has been in our imaginations for decades. In this article Kevin Kelly calls it Mirrorworld, as popularized by David Gelernter in the 90s.

The Metaverse is Coming 1

Call it Mirrorworld or Metaverse, but it has always been a long time coming, with articles similar to this appearing every few years.

The Metaverse is Coming 2

This second article is written by David Baszucki: the CEO of Roblox, one of the gaming platforms aiming to become the Metaverse.

State of the Metaverse 2021

This is a helpful primer on the current technologies and standards that might help shape the future Metaverse. It discusses wide-ranging technologies including AR, VR, AI and crypto.

The Virtual Worlds Future is Already Here

Or perhaps the Metaverse is already here, and it's just not evenly distributed? Tony Sheng once again gives us a helpful, complementary opposite view.

📋 Industry References


The art and business of video games. A good source of research for older game industry trends.

A reliable source of news with a pulse on the whole video games industry.

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Breakout Activity

For this weekend, we're inviting the Kernel Gaming Track fellows to participate in Global Game Jam 2021: the largest game creation event taking place around the globe.

Please register at the link below:

Kernel Gaming Track Global Game Jam Registration

Fellows will create a game over the weekend based on an announced theme. The theme will be announced at the start of the jam (Friday) and will be shared on Slack.

Games don't have to be video games; they can be anything from a board game or a card game, as long as it adheres to the theme. It might also be a good exercise to design a game that explores Web 3 concepts.